Intelligent document processing solution

Automate manual entries and data control accros all document formats

Optimize time processing

Data is extracted and organised automatically

Reduce operational risks

Minimize human intervention Automate workflow validation

Improve data quality

Efficient data reconciliation process

Artificial Intelligence empowered solution

Our solution is based on IA techniques such as computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR) & Natural Language Processing

extraction données ocr classification structuration

One tool for all your documents

TRUE DELTA is an end-to-end solution that transform any data formats into digitized and structured infomration

extraction données ocr classification structuration

ex. forms, templates . Our model learn from few examples 

ex. bankckecks, receipts, invoices, balance sheets

Indexation and research from scanned texts, articles



Companies use our solution to extract data from bankchecks, receipts and automate their monthly reconciliation process


TRUE DELTA adapt to specific needs for banks, logistic or insurance companies 


Integrate your data automatically into your system using  TRUE DELTA’s API


TRU DELTA provides intelligent reconciliation automation. Your will no longer need to write and maintain complex business rules